Adam Milstein Talks about his Life

Recently, Adam Milstein was asked about the one person that has influenced his life. This seemed like an easy question to him terming David Hager as the person who has changed his view on many things. Talking about David Hager, he referred to him as a friend who is very visionary. He plans ahead meaning that he is very knowledgeable on economic and world affairs. Adam Milstein also says that you have to love books and reading if you are to become a successful person in this world. He recommends a book called And the Good News Is written by Dana Perino. The lesson that we can learn from this book according to Adam Milstein is that things are not as bad as they look. Asked if he has a favorite software, he mentions Constant Contact. He says that this is a software that can help you manage thousands of contacts with ease.


Adam Milstein says that people should learn to follow up every lead and contact. He notes that whenever you fail to follow a lead, you end up missing 100 percent of the opportunity. Adam Milstein notes that he has ever failed once in life. He became greedy and decided to put all eggs in one basket. However, he warns people against the desire to risk all their money in one investment. The one strategy that has helped Adam Milstein is not having specific goals. Adam Milstein says that having specific goals is very limiting. This way, you cannot be productive.


The one thing that Adam Milstein would do over and over is understanding an issue that concerns your life. He mentions that you cannot depend on other people to make the right choices for yourself. Asked if there is something that he would do differently if given a chance to start all over, Adam Milstein says that he has made the right choices with his life. Adam Milstein says that he has never had a bad job and recommends three things if you are to remain productive. These things include consistency, follow-up, and persistence.