Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas Texas

The Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure. Liposuction, or Liposculpture, is performed to harvest fat cells. The fat is then processed into its purest form. It is then injected in layers within the buttocks. The results have a shaping effect. The body will reabsorb most of the fat and give the hourglass, or pear-shaped, appearance desired.


The harvested fat is inserted into the gluteal cleft and the gluteal crease. Dr. Sacha Obaid of North Texas Plastic Surgery, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will also remove the fat from the sacral hollow to create better protrusion.


The risk of complications is greatly reduced if the patient meets the following criteria:


  1.  The patient chooses a board-certified plastic surgeon. These surgeons are specifically trained under a very demanding program for cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Michael Thornton of Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center can help determine the best procedure for each patient.



  1.  The patient is in good physical and mental health. They must be realistic regarding the results. Any health conditions must be discussed with the surgeon prior to any surgical procedure.



  1.  The patient abstains from addictive substances, such as smoking or drinking, for the time determined by the surgeon. These substances can interfere with the healing process.



  1.  The patient should not have excess skin in the buttock region. The surgeon will determine if a Gluteoplasty is needed in addition to the Brazilian butt lift.



  1.  The patient must have enough fat that can be harvested. The surgeon will need to use more fat than required to ensure the result desired, since not all the fat will reabsorb.



A board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Jon Kurkjian in Fort Worth, Texas, will schedule a consult visit to discuss the options and risks.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Trusted Advice

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a compassionate plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas. He is one of 10 surgeons at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar is a team player and credits part of his success to his team. Together they share the love of putting the patient first. Getting to know the patient is the cornerstone to helping them achieve the results they seek. Dr. Jejurikar appreciates his career as he loves relationship building just as much as he enjoys performing the surgeries. Helping a patient achieve the perfect body gives him a feeling that he has never felt before. His successful career also enables him to give back. Dr. Jejurikar participates in medical missions locally and abroad to provide free health services to the less fortunate. He also gives free information on his blog on topics such as anti-aging, surgical scars, and his personal reviews on the latest products and procedures. One article titled, “What’s New in Breast Augmentation,” explains the latest changes in breast implant gel. The new substance used in breast implants is a cohesive gel. The gel is thicker which prevents leakage. Not to mention it provides the patient with the best aesthetic results. The article also talks about the new device used during surgery that decreases the risk of developing scar tissue. Scar tissue is a big problem as it causes pain. It can also make the breast look deformed. Another article titled, “The Basics of Skin Care to Get Back a Fresh Face,” talks about the effects of aging. However, Dr. Jejurikar’s first option for reversing the effects of aging is not surgery. In fact, he promotes a daily skin regimen that includes exfoliation, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. He also encourages anti-aging cream. He notes that many patients who come to him to reverse the look of aging don’t currently have a daily skin regime.


Lifting a Person’s Appearance Through a Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

An increasing number of American women and men are turning to butt lift surgery to enhance the appearance of their bodies. The Brazilian butt lift is a specific procedure that is less invasive but still useful in changing the appearance of the posterior area. This procedure is available at many locations in and around Dallas.

Traditional butt lift surgery is geared to those with excessive and sagging skin. However, the Brazilian procedure can be helpful to those who merely want to look younger and more attractive without undergoing extensive surgery. Unlike the traditional procedure, a Brazilian butt lift involves only small incisions in the skin and, normally, less time for recovery.

The surgeon performing a Brazilian butt lift will essentially transfer fat from one part of the patient’s body to the posterior section. Excessive amounts of fat that may have accumulated in the abdomen, thighs or elsewhere are removed through liposuction, which employs a small tube to literally suck away the cellular material. The cells will then be purified through centrifugal force before they are injected into the buttocks. The treated area will be raised to the degree that it is more obvious and thus more attractive.

Since the cells have been removed from the patient’s own body, the Brazilian procedure avoids the problems associated with the use of synthetic fillers or implants. Additionally, the Brazilian procedure produces less scarring and fewer side effects than traditional butt lift surgery. This relatively simple technique can give patients the “lift” they need to look their best.

Among the medical facilities in the Dallas area that offer the Brazilian butt lift are Farris Plastic Surgery, Innovations Medical, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and the Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery Center.


Michael Lacey by the Numbers

Texas, Austin, graduating in 1981 with his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He went onto pursue his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under advisor Walter Philipp. Lacey successfully defended his thesis on the area of probability concerning Banach spaces as well as the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.


After completing his doctorate degree, Lacey first went onto work at Louisiana State University where he was an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics department. He subsequently taught as an Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill as well as Indiana University, Bloomington. While at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, he worked with previous advisor Walter Philipp once again, submitting their proof of the central limit theorem. Lacey went onto serve as an Associate Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta in 1996, earning tenure in 1998. He gained his status of Full Professor in 2001, becoming Associate Chair for Faculty in 2017, a position he still holds today. In addition to serving as Associate Chair for Faulty, Lacey also mentors Georgia Institute of Technology pre-doctoral and doctoral mathematics students.


While Lacey has been teaching in higher education, he has also racked up numerous honors and awards for his research in the field of mathematics as well. In 1997 he was awarded the Prix Salem alongside Christoph Thiele, an award funded by Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study. He also earned the prestigious Guggenheim Fellow Award as well as the Fulbright Fellowship, a three month teaching and research award. Most recently he was awarded the American Mathematical Society Fellow for his outstanding contributions to the field of mathematics.

Bob Reina, a Steward of Innovation and Technology

Bob Reina is one of the leading champions in innovation and technology. He is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, a video marketing solution that enables businesses to improve on sales by standing out from their competitors. Before founding Talk Fusion in 2007, Bob was on his usual duties of a traffic policeman when he was introduced to network marketing. As a policeman, Bob was not satisfied with his peanut salary. He resigned his job to establish his own company. The inspiration behind founding Talk Fusion resulted from Bob Reina not being able to share a video clip of a house he was touring in North Carolina with his family. Together with his associate Dr. Jonathan Chen, an IT expert, they developed Talk Fusion’s primary product which is Video Email.


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Talk Fusion intends to build an institution, Talk Fusion University, which will provide education to its associates for free as a way of improving their skills and knowledge. Bob plans to impact on the others through videos and articles that will touch on his tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Reina believes that the success of his employees is the success of Talk Fusion.


About Bob Reina

Bob is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He graduated at the top of his class from the University of South Florida as a policeman. He served as a traffic policeman for ten years until when he resigned to follow the passion he had for marketing.


His days usually start very early in the morning when he wakes up at about 5:30 a.m. to check his emails and plan for the day. He runs his day at a fast pace, and this has motivated his employees to be like their leader. Persistence and consistency are some of the virtues that have helped Bob Reina to improve productivity each day. Learn more:

Michael Lacey reputation as the world-class mathematician

Michael Lacey is well known in many households as a guru in mathematics. Born in 1959, Michael has vast knowledge and experience in the field of Mathematics. He is widely known for his significant contribution to his field of profession. He has been celebrated and recognized for the advancement he has done in Mathematics discipline. Michael Lacey has an excellent educational background. He holds bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and also Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois which he received in 1987. In his Ph.D. program, he dealt with Probability and associated himself with Walter Philip who was his supervisor and a great mentor to Michael. Together they established and developed a unique mathematical formula which can be used to solve and work out various problems in Mathematics especially in Probability area. The unique formula focused on Law of Iterated Logarithm and it was useful to students pursuing Probability field.

Michael Lacey had a tremendous passion for mathematics which led him to focus on probability area and explore various divisions in mathematics. After he graduated, Michael commenced working with Chapel Hill North Carolina University as a Mathematics lecturer. During his tenure at the university,, he conducted research which saw Lacey giving the proof of the theorem of the Central Limit. He also held the same position at Louisiana State University after leaving Chapel Hill North Carolina University. Through National Science Foundation scholarship program, Michael Lacey enrolled at Indiana University and pursued Bilinear Hibert transformation. Using the mathematical knowledge he acquired he solved Hilbert Transformation problems that were created by Alberto Calderon, hence earning him Salem Prize.

Presently, Michael Lacey serves as the professor of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology. Michael together with Xiaochun Li received the Guggenheim Doctorial Fellowship after working together on several mathematical projects. The fellowship that Michael received allowed him to be part of the American Mathematical Society. Michael has been so influential to the school since he has been able to serve the student with mathematics experience. Students always seek Michael for help in their academic work especially when they have problems in Mathematics. Apart from being a professor, he is also a mentor to the student pursuing Mathematics.