Bradesco’s Insurance Division And The Banking Division Have New CEOs According To Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

A new executive team is emerging in the second largest bank in Brazil. Some news reports say the change in management is due to Brazil’s economic rally. Brazil was in a deep recession for more than three years. Many Brazilians blame the government for the recession, but the Brazilians banks didn’t suffer in terms of income when the recession was in full force. Bradesco and Itaú, the top two private banks made lots of money during the recession, so the news Bradesco was changing its management team because of the recession is not true.

The truth is longtime Chairman of the Board Lázaro de Mello Brandão is retiring, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco is filling his shoes as chairman. That’s no surprise. Trabuco gave the bank the impetus it needed to face many challenges in Brazil. His straight-forward management style and his ability to focus and solve major banking issues are well-known in the country’s banking industry. Trabuco is an accomplished leader, so his promotion to chairman is a natural step to assure continuity in the future.

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Mr. Trabuco got the nod to move into the chairman’s office in October 2017, but his replacement was an unknown at that time. Lázaro de Mello Brandão and Trabuco along with other board members decided to nominate seven vice-presidents as candidates for the CEO position. All seven men are members of Trabuco’s team, so they are all familiar with his banking objectives. Most people thought Mauricio de Minas, the bank’s IT vice-president, was the top candidate because he was instrumental in establishing Next, the bank’s new digital bank. Next is one of Trabuco’s banking babies. Minas did an excellent job putting all the tech details in place so the bank can compete with the tech startups that are taking business away from banks who don’t have a strong online presence. But in the end, the board and Trabuco decided to bring back Octavio de Lazari as CEO. Lazari was the president of the bank’s insurance division, Seguros. Trabuco was president of Seguros for six years, so both men have a similar background with the bank.

Lazari’s nomination got the thumbs up from the shareholders at the March shareholders meeting according to Mauricio de Minas also got a board position at that meeting, and so did three other members of Trabuco’s team. Obviously, the board and the shareholders are putting a lot of faith in Trabuco, Lazari, and the other members of the management team. The only position open after the meeting was a replacement for Lazari at Seguros. But the wait is over. Vinicius Albernaz is the new Seguros president, according to Lazari. Albernaz is another Bradesco executive who has an excellent profit-producing track record.

Lázaro de Mello Brandão leaves the bank after 75 years of service, but he will still be around to help Trabuco and Lazari. Lázaro is retiring, but he will still have a desk in the bank’s corporate headquarters. Lazari and his team are ready to give investors what they want in 2018, according to Chairman Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco S.A. since March 10, 2009, and served as its Executive Vice President. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros. Since March 2003, he worded as the President of Grupo Bradesco Seguros. He has been the Chairman and Director of Odontoprev S.A since December 23, 2009. He serves as a Director of Bradespar S.A. He serves as an Internal Director of the bank. He has served as a Grupo Bradesco Seguros’ Director since March 2003.

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Samuel Strauch Make His Mark On Miami Real Estate

Samuel Strauch has made his mark on the Miami real estate field by giving people the help they need when buying dream homes or investing. Samuel Strauch is an expert in the area, and his life story points to a love for real estate, business, and the whole of south Florida.

His Early Days

The early days for Samuel Strauch saw him going to Hofstra University for school, and he returned to south Florida to work with his family’s company. He worked in real estate with his family until he decided to start his own company, and that company has grown a lot since it started. He loves art and photography.


Metrik Real Estate

Metrik Real Estate is the company that Samuel Strauch started because he wanted to go out on his own. His company has been one of the best investment firms in the south Florida area, and he has chosen to help people in the largest and smallest deals possible. He knows that someone who wants a perfect home needs help, but also knows that someone who wants to buy the industrial property for their company needs help.

Samuel knows how to help people make their properties as profitable, and he shows his customers how simple it is to make their new investments work in their favor. Samuel knows the area like the back of his hand, and he has spent years improving his investments in this area as a sort of blueprint for the people who come to him for help.

Gregory Aziz Proves Himself As CEO

You can look at the work that has been done by Gregory Aziz to realize that he understands better than anyone else how to get a create a company that will last a long time and produce something that will add to the industries it touches. That’s exactly what has happened with National Steel Car. Using his previous experience as the founder of a health supplement company, James Aziz has managed to do something amazing with his work.

He has made National Steel Car into a company with both a past and a future to it. His work won’t be forgotten either by those who will serve as his successors. That’s not something you see every day but it’s certainly important.

Greg James Aziz has made a point of making National Steel Car a company for North America as a whole. It’s easy to look at what he’s doing and not realize how hard it is to do. He makes it look easy thanks to his great skill set and talent for management. Gregory J Aziz has shown how this company has managed to perfect logistics in the ways necessary to beat any challenge that might come their way. North America is the most productive continent in the world. That means it needs to have a constant stream of goods and services throughout the continent, but that can’t be done overnight. It requires planning and strategy to make everything work the way it needs to.


James Aziz has shown time and time again that he knows what to whenever the situation calls for it. His talent separates him from CEOs who assume their position and then fail to provide what is desperately needed. In these situations, it’s always important that leaders take the initiative and do what needs to be done to help keep companies afloat.


This is exactly why Gregory J Aziz was hired and what he does best. We know for a fact that people who get involved in the logistics industry can find themselves overwhelmed by everything it entails. It isn’t an industry that allows small mistakes to slide. You must have a strong understanding of what can be done and how to do it. With that in mind it’s easy to execute plans without a hitch. The talent to do this isn’t easy to come by and it absolutely requires a very diligent search before it is finally in place.   Read This Article to learn more.

Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad’s Life Lessons

Dr. Saad is a prestigious pediatric surgeon who recently retired after a 47 year-long career. These are some of his life lessons that he has to share.

Dr. Saad was born in the late 1940’s in Palestine which, at the time, was undergoing a lot of social and political changes. His father, a skilled petroleum mechanic, moved his family to Kuwait in the 1950’s. It was then that Dr. Saad learned from his Father that since he was part of a diaspora with no country, passport, or stable future, becoming well educated was the only solution to become notable in the world. While in high school, Dr. Saad once went with his brother to a construction site during the middle of the day. The weather was so hot that he eventually fainted from heat stroke and decided that he was not meant for outdoor work. The only place that was indoors with air conditioning in Kuwait was the operating room. So, Dr. Saad set out to become a surgeon. It was this simple choice that lead Dr. Saad to his successful career, and his belief that anything is possible. He says “If a poor Palestinian refugee can make it and be successful in America, you can too!”

After graduating from Cairo U Med Hosp as a salutatorian, Dr. Saad immigrated to the United States. It was then that he set out to become a US Board Certified pediatric surgeon. By the mid 1980’s, Dr. Saad was the only surgeon on the board that was fluent in both English and Arabic, making him a well sought after doctor. He was asked to serve the Saudi Royal Family’s children and to do complicated surgeries for any children in Saudi Arabia up until 1989. With regards to productivity, Dr. Saad says “you should never wait for tomorrow to do something you can accomplish today.” Living by this rule, Dr. Saad has learned to be efficient and to hold a strong work ethic, which is a reason for his great success.

Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Saad became interested in minimizing pain and recovery time for patients of surgery. He dedicated time to discovering a new surgical method that required one less incision than previously practiced. This surgery was preformed on over 2,000 children by Dr. Saad. He says “reaching your goals is not impossible if you insist on it.” For Dr. Saad, it was his father’s words and the various experiences he had as a young child that lead him to become so determined and ultimately successful. Learn more: