Doe Deere: The Renaissance Woman Who Uses Art and Science For Her Cosmetic Industry Success

Russian-born Doe Deere is a successful American entrepreneur known as being the “Unicorn Queen” in the expansive realm of the online makeup industry in which she started her own cosmetic company in 2008. She grew up in New York City and after studying fashion design, she launched her brainchild makeup company christening it “Lime Crime”, which she operates now in Los Angeles. As the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, she formulates cosmetics in all colors of the spectrum which are cruelty-free and vegan, to beautify the face, hair, and nails.


This Renaissance woman is an extraordinary creator of flawless artful concepts while also considering the science of the economics she learned while she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. While enrolled at this acclaimed school, the courses Doe Deere took educated her to understand fashion trends and how to market products based on those trends and how to profit from them. She majored in fashion design and illustration, but she later dropped out to design her own clothing line. Doe Deere knew having her own clothing line was part of a learning process and she realized it wasn’t the final destination in which she wanted her fashion career to go.


It was clothing design which gave her a sense of direction and allowed her to figure out what she wanted to do in the fashion industry. This experience prompted Doe Deere’s serious experimentation with makeup and showed her the true direction in which she wanted to go. Possessing a passionate love for makeup and fairytales inspired her to create an extensive makeup line which depicted all that was whimsical and magical. After developing her cosmetic line, in her marketing wisdom, Doe Deere made the unicorn her mascot and her cosmetic packaging was a glossy royal purple, which shows she followed her instinct and went forward without looking back, to create a unique product that was enchanting and mystical.


Doe Deere and her associates of Lime Crime Cosmetics develop exquisite pastel and dark eyeshadow palettes, vivid liquid eyeliners that are every color of the rainbow with nail polishes to match, along with gossamer glittery loose pigments, pearlescent metallic and matte lipsticks, sparkling lip glosses and hair colors known as unicorn tints, highlights, and full color hair dyes which are also every color of the rainbow. These cosmetics aren’t just developed in shades of pinks, reds, corals, and browns. Doe Deere also offers her cosmetic enhancements in various hues of greens, blues, purples, oranges, yellows, and blacks.


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