How Roberto Santiago Started His Business Ventures

Roberto Santiago is known when it is time to take on new challenges and prove his great skills in business. The businessman was born and also raised in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Roberto Santiago and his parents believed that the most successful persons in the world are those that took time to go for education, and that is why Santiago went to some of the best learning institutions in Brazil. According to Santiago’s resume, he went for his college education at an institution called Pio X-Marist College that is also found in Brazil. After completing his education in college, however, the businessman realized that he only wanted to pursue a career in business. Santiago took a crucial step and enrolled at the Joao Pessoa University where he got his degree in business administration. By the time he was completing the degree, the businessman was sure that he had made the perfect decision in his life.


Roberto started his great career journey many years ago at Café Santa Rosa. Although he worked for this institution for a short time, the businessman got a lot of skills that have assisted him in all his career life. Roberto Santiago left the institution so that he could focus on his first business venture. Starting a company has never been easy on anyone, even when the investors have all the money on the world. Roberto Santiago started a cartonnage company with the primary aim of supplying packaging materials to people in the neighboring companies. Just like all the new companies in the Brazilian market, this firm faced so many challenges, but it managed to do so well. Roberto Santiago, however, decided that he wanted a bigger investment, and this is why he started a company in real estate.


Using the profits he was making in his first business, Roberto Santiago started to purchase land and later on develop it. One particular piece of land that was located in his hometown caught his attention. The area was strategic, and it was ideal for the construction of a mall. When the businessman started the construction in the year 1989, he was sure that he was doing the right thing. In just two years, the mall was complete, and it started its operations soon after. The Manaira Shopping Mall opened a new chapter for the individuals living in Brazil. Most of the features that are found in this area are not found anywhere else. The shopping mall is quite modern, and it has managed to attract investors in some of the most profitable areas. If you are fortunate to visit the Manaira Mall, you will be shocked to find all of the things needed by a family. The movies theater, great restaurants and gym attract so many people.


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