US Money Reserve Has A New Book Out On Protecting Wealth From Emerging Threats

No matter where you keep your money or investments, you are never immune from global threats that are always present that could destroy your wealth and savings. That’s what US Money Reserve talks about in their new ebook “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” With each new year comes a new threat to our financial system whether it’s the result of elections, international conflicts, cyber criminals and terrorists or trade issues. This ebook doesn’t just cover the threat but also explains how buying gold and silver can help mitigate it. The ebook is free but there’s also a special offer on commemorative gold coins that US Money Reserve has made with it.


US Money Reserve doesn’t just sell precious metals, they help customers understand why they do it. Gold and silver have been around for years and every time there’s been a financial crisis, gold and silver have proven to be the most stable assets. Not only do they always have high value, they are tangible and as long as they are stored in safe places, they cannot be hacked into or be subjected to federal interest rates. At US Money Reserve’s website, you can see live updates on how gold and silver are performing and get a free information kit on how you can transfer your wealth into these precious metals. US Money Reserve uses Client-Connect Advantage to help their customers with purchases and also guarantees that they’ll refund any purchase a customer isn’t satisfied with.


US Money Reserve has become one of the leading precious metals companies in the world because they have well-known numismatics experts leading the company including Philip N. Diehl. Diehl is the only former US Mint Director to now be serving in a private company. Diehl’s tenure at the Mint was one in which he changed the agency from one that was phasing out some rare coins into one that maximized production and brought in over $2.7 billion in profits and yielded more returns to taxpayers. Diehl was famous for bringing in the 50 States Quarters, the Sacagawea Dollar and for the first ever platinum coin to be minted. He has represented US Money Reserve on various business programs including a CNBC interview in which he advocated eliminating the penny, and also the 2016 US Gold Summit. Diehl has a welcome letter to all first-time visitors to the US Money Reserve website and helps them get started getting their information.

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