George Soros – him Mission and his Values

George Soros became wildly popular for financial expertise as well as for working on Wall Street. What elevated his presence at the scene, however, was his Hedge Fund and then eventually his company Soros Fund Management.

From an early age, George Soros has had to experience and see things that have more or less played a role in the kind of person he grew up to be. Although he could not understand it as much back then, George Soros came to reflect on his early life while he was studying at the London School of Economics and read full article.

George Soros was born during World War II in Hungary. His parents were non-practicing Jews, and the German Nazi prosecuted the whole family. When he was in his 20s, the family was able to get back together after scattering across Europe to survive under fake documents. They settled in London where George Soros became familiar with a philosophy that would shape both his personality and his future, and follow his Twitter.

Karl Popper, a professor and a philosopher, was teaching at the London School of economics although he never thought George Soros himself. George Soros often sent his philosophy papers to Popper for feedback. He expected Popper significantly because of his book on the concept of an open society. The book strongly influenced George Soros, and he became an advocate for an open society, undermined by discrimination and harsh prejudice towards minorities and what George know.

Later in his life, George Soros became an active businessman and amassed a fortune that placed him on the list of wealthiest people alive. He also became an influential political contributor who donated large sums of money to campaigns to make sure no oppressors would gain presidential power.  His Website, And most recently George Soros supported the campaign of Hilary Clinton in order to prevent her opponent to be elected to the presidency. George Soros had not been active on the political scene for a few years but last year’s election brought him back in action. His spokesperson stated that George Soros strongly believed Trump is an embodiment of what George Soros had been standing against his whole life.

George Soros has exceptional values. His entire life he has been standing against discrimination, negligence, ignorance, and prejudice. He has regularly been donating to charities that take care of minorities such as immigrants and refugees, sex workers, drug addicts, and more. One of his most prominent charitable actions has been to help the LGBTQ community and George’s lacrosse camp.

Today George Soros is known as one of the strongest philanthropists in the United States and possibly in the world. He believed that it is up to him to bring an open society to the world which is currently driven by money and thirst for power and

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