“Livio Bisterzo: Storming American Markets With HIPPEAS!”

HIPPEAS has exploded into the health food snack market and has seen exponential growth since its creation in 2016. Clean eating has become the focus of the health conscious community and HIPPEAS is what everyone is raving about! Even Hollywood is shouting the praises of the chickpea puff. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is co-founder of Strand Equity Partners and has just taken a vested interest in the brand.

The Founder of Green Park Holdings who created the HIPPEAS line, Livio Bisterzo, is pleased to have Strand Equity Partners on board and looks forward to continued marketing growth.

Livio Bisterzo established Green Park Holdings two years ago in 2015 with the intent of creating wholesome food and beverages that cater to the health industry and people who are actively avoiding overly processed items that can wreak havoc on the body. Livio Bisterzo has proven that nutritious foods do not have to taste awful or have no taste at all with the making of his chickpea puffs.

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The goal at Green Park Holdings is to create a lasting transformation in society and culture in regard to alternative health lifestyles. Their slogan, #GIVEPEASACHANCE, surmises perfectly this very ideal and youth have adapted well to the initiative.

Bisterzo is not only mindful of producing a quality product line for his drinks and snacks, but he has already formed a philanthropic program that donates a percentage of HIPPEAS sales to Farm America. Farm America provides aid to African Farmers.

Livio Bisterzo left no grounds uncovered when he created the Chickpea Puffs. They contain a good amount of organic and vegan ingredients and also offer four grams of protein per one ounce serving. A healthy amount of fiber is also in its nutrition content. The HIPPEAS brand can be purchased in many popular retail stores both in the United States and the UK including Walmart, Safeway and others. Online they can be purchased at Amazon. The puffs are non-GMO, allergen free and low in calories. They come in several delicious flavors that are listed below.

•Sriracha Sunshine
•Far Out Fajita
•Vegan White Cheddar
•Maple Haze
•Pepper Power
•Happening Hickory

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Stock Loans at Equities First Offer a Great Option Following the Systemic Crisis of Capitalism

Some analysts’ revelations indicate that the financial crisis is just a sign of another major crisis; that is the systematic crisis of capitalism. For instance, the Ravi Batra’s theory portrays how the extending inequality of financial capitalism generates speculative bubbles that explode and leads to significant political changes and depression. It also proposed that the “demand gap” that is associated with productivity growth and differing wage elaborates debt and deficit dynamics that are vital to stock market enhancement.

Other experts believe that the minimization of GDP growth proportions since the starting of the 1970s is as a result of increasing market saturation. There is also a sequence of problems against capitalization that are said to spearhead the former monetary problems and still have not been addressed adequately to date. Thus “manager” capitalism is said to replace “owner’s” capitalism indicating the management operates the company for its benefits instead of the shareholders’ good, which is a difference on the principal-agent challenge and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

The Big Mo (large-scale momentum) is said to have acted a pivotal role in 2008 to 2009 world financial crisis. Also, recent technological advancements, for instance, computer-driven trading programs in addition to the increasing interlinked nature of markets, amplified the momentum influence. With the impact reaching SMEs, borrowers prefer stock-based loans as affordable means of acquiring working capital. Equities First is a giant in the sector with the company serving new clients on a daily basis.

Other market analysts attribute the present economic downturn to the wages stagnation within the United States especially the hourly workers who form 80% of the working force. The stagnation is said to have forced majority of the people to borrow to meet the expense of living. Equities First stock loans are said to have beneficial factors that include low interests rates, non-purpose (borrowers can use their cash as they wish) and non-resource feature (borrowers may fail to pay the loan without being followed by the lender) and more information click here.

Adam Milstein Talks about his Life

Recently, Adam Milstein was asked about the one person that has influenced his life. This seemed like an easy question to him terming David Hager as the person who has changed his view on many things. Talking about David Hager, he referred to him as a friend who is very visionary. He plans ahead meaning that he is very knowledgeable on economic and world affairs. Adam Milstein also says that you have to love books and reading if you are to become a successful person in this world. He recommends a book called And the Good News Is written by Dana Perino. The lesson that we can learn from this book according to Adam Milstein is that things are not as bad as they look. Asked if he has a favorite software, he mentions Constant Contact. He says that this is a software that can help you manage thousands of contacts with ease.


Adam Milstein says that people should learn to follow up every lead and contact. He notes that whenever you fail to follow a lead, you end up missing 100 percent of the opportunity. Adam Milstein notes that he has ever failed once in life. He became greedy and decided to put all eggs in one basket. However, he warns people against the desire to risk all their money in one investment. The one strategy that has helped Adam Milstein is not having specific goals. Adam Milstein says that having specific goals is very limiting. This way, you cannot be productive.


The one thing that Adam Milstein would do over and over is understanding an issue that concerns your life. He mentions that you cannot depend on other people to make the right choices for yourself. Asked if there is something that he would do differently if given a chance to start all over, Adam Milstein says that he has made the right choices with his life. Adam Milstein says that he has never had a bad job and recommends three things if you are to remain productive. These things include consistency, follow-up, and persistence.




Ricardo Tosto: A Recognized Brazilian Lawyer

Brazil is a country home to more than a hundred million people, and one of the most sought after profession in the country is being an attorney. Today, there are about 600,000 registered lawyers in Brazil, and in the city of Sao Paolo alone, there are more than 200,000 lawyers living in the city. One of these lawyers is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is regarded as one of the most trusted lawyers in the country, being seen specializing in a variety of fields, like finance, commerce and electoral laws. He is passionately practicing his profession, committing his time and effort being a lawyer. He has been serving the Brazilian Bar Association for so many years now, and he has been given a lot of positions inside the organization because they trust in the leadership skills that Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho have. Outside the organization, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also known working for private businesses, giving them assistance regarding financial and commercial laws. He also wanted to expand his knowledge so he keeps on visiting seminars and conferences being hosted by other lawyers around the globe. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also an active member of a variety of groups and organizations dedicated to serve lawyers who are operating both locally and internationally and Ricardo on Facebook.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can be described as an icon when it comes to the field of law. There are so many youths in Brazil today who are looking up to him and idolize him because of him being a role model. Other lawyers are also expressing their positive thoughts about Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, saying how he is a great friend and a good influence. The younger Brazilian generation also stated that they wanted to follow Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s footsteps, so they are taking up law and learn more about Ricardo.

In Brazil, there are about 200,000 law students who are enrolled in different colleges and universities across the country. This number is seen to rise, as the demand for lawyers keep on going up. Brazil’s law system is highly derived from the European law systems, and because of it, the similarities are sometimes unrecognizable. Students who are taking up law are also required to study the history of law in Europe, and it is also included in their professional examination once they graduated and resume him.

The Importance Of Cybersecurity In The Battle Against Ransomware

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly hot topic lately, as it should be. The increased number of attacks, the amount of damage caused and the accessibility of ransomware are making people, companies, and governments buckle down and prepare for the precarious future.


A heavy increase in the number of cyber attacks has caused the cost of damage to skyrocket, possibly reaching the trillions in just a few years These severe attacks can use ransomware to break into systems to commit fraud, steal data and intellectual property, just to name a few.


Recently having all my personal data hacked was a scary experience which could have been prevented. The hackers used ransomware to break into my home network, which I thought was secure, to steal my data. There are ways to prevent these attacks. Don’t let this happen to you.

Well, how can you prevent these attacks? Rubica, a digital security and privacy company, can easily help you keep data safe and protect anything that shouldn’t be seen by anyone else. They can detect and block any attack based on your personal behavioral patterns.